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The PSF Worldwide Fundraising Event for the 4th anniversary of the devastating earthquake is now only 11 days away.

15th August 2018

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Pisco Sin Fronteras is a volunteer disaster reconstruction organization that works in and around the city of Pisco, Peru. In August of 2007 a 8.0 magnitude earthquake devastated the region, destroying 80% of the homes in Pisco and killing 519 people. The earthquake left many people living in makeshift housing of cardboard, scrap wood, and plastic with dirt floors and no more than a bucket in the corner for a toilet.

Pisco Sin Fronteras works to improve the living conditions of families affected by the earthquake by building and improving homes. We also help with community development by working in schools, teaching English and IT, and working in child care centers. We are always looking for hard-working volunteers to help the people of Pisco rebuild their lives.

“Although it is never fun to say goodbye, I’ve learned that the beauty of PSF is in the shared experiences that we will always have.”
Excerpt from volunteer blog by Rob Hackleman 27/06/11 To read more from our weekly volunteer blogs, click here

Unlike many other volunteer organizations, we do not charge a participation fee. Each day, volunteers can choose work from a diverse range of projects. This gives each person the opportunity to learn new skills and get involved with both construction and community-based projects.

For those who wish to get more involved in the workings of the organization, there are always opportunities in administration, fund-raising and project development. At PSF, the volunteers are the organization.

Pisco Sin Fronteras – Burners Without Borders (No Subtitles) from Greenheart Creative on Vimeo.

Pisco Sin Fronteras – PSF Challenge (No Subtitles) from PSF Challenge on Vimeo.

Delia’s Story from Carlo Ricci

Delia’s Story with ENG subtitles

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